Friday, February 7, 2014


Wow, I feel like I have been on a vacation. But look! I can blog. Sort of. I am still jumping through hoops a bit. Not fun. Anyway, here is a card I made for my friend Jen's birthday. 
I and loving all the new DSP Stampin Up is giving us. I especially love the bright colors paired with black. Very pretty to me. Well done SU.
Well I am not going to promise to be back tomorrow but I will try my best, stay with me. I sure do miss my blog:(


  1. One of the things I have found with blogger is you can't click the keep my logged in thing at the sign in page. You would not believe the trouble that comes from that...won't let you leave comments, trouble posting, etc. See if unclicking the box helps you.

  2. So so so happy you are back. Missed you and your beautiful posts.


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