Saturday, December 21, 2013

Teacher Gifts

Today, I wanted to share with you my teacher Christmas gifts we handed out. I am actually quite proud of how they came out. I had the idea in my head but I was so terrified of messing them up, that I was down to the wire on getting them done.
These are actually our school shirts from this year. When I ordered the girls shirts at the beginning of the year I grabbed a couple extras in large sizes with this Christmas gift in mind. So, they have been sitting next to my sewing machine for the past few months, and I waited until two days before I had to hand them over, to do anything with them. But alas, they were super simple. Not sure what I was stressing about.
I just simply picked up a couple of cheap canvas bags at Joann's (I like these because they make the bag quite a bit sturdier than just the t-shirt alone. Which is a good thing because the teachers are carrying books and heavy things.) Then I ripped the bags open along the seams and inserted the cut up t-shirts onto the front and sewed them back together. Easy-peasy. Just don't look closely at how straight I sew. It's not pretty
But that's not all. I coupled those up with a personalized stamp too. One for each fabulous teacher.

They read, "From the desk of Mrs._____." The girls were super excited to give these to the teachers. And that made me happy. We have a two-story school and Sammie noted that "they can use these while going up and down the stairs so they will be safe." I like that.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great weekend!

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  1. what a neat idea!!! we will be ordering tshirts this spring, i'd love to know more how you sewed them? Love this idea!!!


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